December 2013

Smile Sabuy Sabuy

The very reason why Thailand is dubbed The Land of Smiles is simply because there is really no reason not to smile about it. Here you can be engulfed by its rich cultural heritage from boisterous side streets to revered grand temples, amazed by its varyingly magnificent landscapes from mountainous north to coastal south, pampered by its lavishly abundant 24/7culinary tradition, touched by its innate generosity and caring hospitality and even excited by its fast-paced state-of-the-art globalization. Plus, Shopping in Thailand is no less spectacular than its charming personality—from international mega names to world-class lifestyle arenas. Here, smiling is truly endless.

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December 2013

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

The sun may be shining and the heat may be high, but Bangkok is fully embracing the Christmas festivities. After having worked hard all year, begin your Christmas by going for a traditional massage treatment, the true birthright to every Bangkokian. After receiving some R&R, indulge your taste buds in some of the finest cuisine you could ever imagine. For those who want to stay true to tradition, numerous hotels and western style pubs will be serving up a Christmas feast, complete with all the trimmings and festive gloriana one would expect. However, for those who want to fully submerge themselves within Thai culture, a new dining experience that will tantalize your palette is about to be unwrapped before your eyes. Needless to say, Bangkok is Thailand’s number one shopping destination, so much so that we’re sure Father Christmas comes over to do some shopping before the big day. So soak up the sights and sounds of a bazaar or feel the chill in a cool air-conditioned mall. As night falls, ditch your Christmas socks and reindeer printed shorts, and slip into something a little more sophisticated as you celebrate by singing, dancing and simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

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